Saturday, 4 January 2014

Patchwork Fairy

I wanted to show you my first painting of 2014:) I actually have started working on it on 31st of Dec but I finished her on 1st Jan 2014:). I used the patchwork method (which I named myself), it means that I created paper patchwork background, which was my starting point for the painting.      
  1. Tear pieces of interesting pattern paper and glue it to the canvas.          


2. Add white paint or gesso around each paper square to soften its edges. If you applied to much paint, wipe it off with baby wipes.

3. Outline some interesting shapes to create flowers, hearts or other additional objects surrounding the girl, than you are ready to outline our fairy. I used the watercolour crayon in a Bark color (dark brown)  

4. I also added some paint around the girl. If you are going for a vintage design, mint colour looks great!!!

5. I painted face and went for turquoise eyes:) I also added butterfly wings, printed from internet. I also added some brown ink to the edges to add more vintage feel to whole piece. And my fairy is ready!!!! I love her!!!! I hope that I encourage you to create your own. I will be teaching how to create this art piece in my upcoming workshop in Galway, Ireland.