Saturday, 23 February 2013

Yuuuuhooo:) I have just created my first blog!!! Is still pretty row but I am working on it;) I still have to add pages with information about me, my art and workshops:) But bare with me!!!It is coming soon!!! I also will be putting tutorials for different art projects!!!! I will be posting once or twice a week. I promise!!!

Just as a starter I wanted to tell you about the group in which I participate. It is Paint&Pass group via Effy Wild website. All participants are divided into groups and they all swap the art journals!!!! It is so cool. Every week I am waiting for my postman bringing me new journal from USA, where I make one page spread using my mixed media techniques and I am posting it back to the States:) After few weeks, my own journal will come back to me with all this beautiful art pages done by other artists!!!

 This is a page I done in one of the journals:


  1. Congratulations on your new blog, Sylvia! I´m going to follow it, definitely! I wish you good luck in all your endeavors!

  2. I adore that page, can't wait to see mine!

  3. I like your blog. Good work. I will follow along as you develop it and grow. I am new at the blogging thing as well. my blog is at

    Cathy Sylvester