Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Celebrating anniversary :)

To celebrate our anniversary, myself and my beautiful other half decided to do some art (hmmm i wander whose idea was it :))))) We decided to get messy and try a new technique of mixed media by using a plaster. First we dipped the pieces of plaster in the water and than applied them to the canvas. There is no need to use glue as the plaster will stick to canvas while drying. We also built different shapes with it. We left it to dry overnight. Than we painted with acrylics, inks and stamps. My boyfriend was really proud of himself. He thought that he is not able to do any art. And that was my challenge, to prove that art is for everybody. His big smile was a great outcome from this art workshop ;)

 1. This is the plaster bandage, I have used for the project. You can buy it in any art supply shop. Just cut the small pieces and dip it in warm water. Than...

2. Apply wet pieces of plaster to the canvas

3. Leave it to dry overnight (no glue needed)

4. Paint with brush and acrylics. You can aslo use stencils, inks and stamps

4. I displayed them next to my beautiful roses which I got for the anniversary:)

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