Tuesday, 18 February 2014

In everything, love

I have some unfinished canvas hiding somewhere in my studio. Sometimes I got stuck while working on the art piece,  than the best solution is just to leave it for a while. Inspiration will come back and we will look at the (annoying) unfinished piece from different perspective and maybe with new inspiration. That happens often and we need to accept it and let it go... This canvas piece is an example if this experience...    

I tried and tried to finish this piece but it didn't speak to me at all...

And than I decided to go through my stash of papers. I have lots of scrapbooking papers and also painted pages which I made myself (usually I just clean brush over piece of paper and I use it for a collage).

I started playing with shapes and suddenly I just decided to cut out the cute house...

Than I glued it to the canvas and added more collage pieces...

There was something missing between flowers and the house...so I painted little bunny who was just sitting there and looking at the magical bubbles in the sky:)

And I simply added this text (inspired by Valentines day:))

And the painting was finished and the artist was finally happy about it:)


  1. Adorable and happy. I love it!

  2. love love love such a cute canvas, it happens to me often - lack of modjo ;) and yes, I leave my work for a while and it helps :) Marta x