Thursday, 16 October 2014

Another art exchange which warmed my heart..

Hello arty souls!

I wanted to show you, what an amazing gift I got from my friend, very creative soul - Marta:)
Marta's creativity is endless and you need to visit her blog here!

She made me an amazing journal cover!!! I love it so much!!! 

Colours and texture are so beautiful...

And this is what I made for Marta:) Actually for her little girl Emily, who loves red colour, dogs and guinea pigs ;)

Thank you Marta for  this Art Exchange. I will treasure this art journal forever!!!




  1. These ae gorgeous gift exchanges....and such talented both! Stunning projects and I am sure the recipients are very pleased! ;-)

  2. Gorgeous work...both works are pieces of art...beyond amazing...really incredible!!

  3. Love her and her face especially!