Saturday, 30 April 2016

My Hand Made Fairies:)

Hello Arty Souls:)
It's been a wile since I wrote a post but life is crazy busy right now;)
Here are my new wooden fairies and they are looking for a new magical house:)
Left one is on mdf thin board and the bigger girl is made of wood. 
I used many materials and 3D elements sych as: acrylics, sculpture medium (for a mushroom), decorative papers, fabrics, stamps and stencils.The size of them is 29 cm and 26 cm. They are perfect for home decor. I will add little hanger on the back;)
If you are interested please email me


  1. I love your fairies! Adorable.
    I also love the house you made with your old paintbrushes. I searched Scrapiniec but could only find a few details. Do you have a video tutorial done for this art piece? Love love love your colors and art. It all makes me very happy and smile!

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