Monday, 1 April 2013

Hand Made Art Journal

I made my own journal out of the carton box, I covered it with fabric. Than I printed one of my girls on a piece of cotton fabric and stitched to the cover. Than I added five signatures (20 pages). I decided to use different paper inside such as watercolour paper, vintage music sheet, gelli art prints, magazines, vintage book pages and vintage wallpaper. Now it is ready to be filled in with loots of different mixed media art:)

I sew it with wax thread
 I stiched paper and fabric together

i also added pieces of my hand made fabric

 On the left: gelli art print, on the right: music sheet from 1964

On the left: vintage wall paper, on the right: watercolour paper which I was using to clean the brush:) 

My first page with hand made fabric flowers

This page is a crazy collage including jeans, lace, carton. decorative papers, polish newspaper, washi tape, acrylics, watercolour crayons, markers

 And playing with some flowers:)