Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Doll making:)

Hello Arty Souls!
I had a pleasure to attend the workshop with Tracy Scott and I was learning how to make dolls!!! I wanted to make dolls since long time, but I didnt have courage as I don't have sawing machine (surprise!) I have to say that it takes time to make a doll from scratch:) We were painting, sawing, stuffing and painting again. But it is so worth it as they turned out really nice. Of course I wanted to make a fairy, my little daughter and whimsical house, things I love the most:)
Then we also did art journaling and we and I also loved the way Tracy was mixing all techniques together. My page looks like crazy fun fair but I love it!!! To sum up: workshop was fantastic, Tracy is fabulous teacher who explain every project in detail and have a great knowledge about using different mixed media techniques;) You can find Tracy on Facebook
I feel very inspired to make more dolls, so keep an eye on my Etsy shop as my fairies might show up there in a stuffed form :)))